Wish List



  • AC-3 Decoder
  • LED main light with section and lux controller
  • Power meter
  • Current meter
  • Automated plant watering
  • LED charging light – [Done] – As this is very small project I did not created any page for this.
  • OBD for Bike
  • OBD for Car
  • GPS Tracking for Vehicle
  • POV clock and message display board
  • (Infrared)Touch Screen to fit any Size
  • Clock through mirror
  • LED mirror light
  • Video Camera Stabilizer
  • Surveillance Camera for Home
  • Laser Engraver
  • Digital puzzle blocks like Siftable.
  • Video Door Phone
  • Drawer Robot
  • Wall Plotter

Old projects – Some are completed, some are abandoned. These were planned and done years back, hence no pages were added.

  • FM Mic – [Done]
  • EPROM Emulator – [Done] – Let me post some images as I still have this.
  • EPROM Programmer – [Done] – Let me post some images as I still have this.
  • LED – 230v Bed lamp – [Done]
  • AVR development kit – [Done] – Bought ready made kit as well.
  • I2C Parallel Port adapter – [Done]
  • Single chip main supply (305 Circuits – 071, 308 Circuits 173/214)
  • Mains switch with timer
  • Digital Mains voltage monitor
  • Digital Audio Selector/Switch
  • Electronics Safe locker with Digital lock
  • AVR Parallel Port programmer
  • CD/DVD recorder directly from Mic, Line-In

Very old projects that I have completed very long back [All are Done]


  • Musical sound generators using UM356x and with multiple ICs.
  • Calling bell for home with different musical sounds.
  • Metronome.
  • Clap Switch.
  • Fixed and Regulated power supplies.
  • AM and FM audio transmitters.
  • AM and FM receivers with discrete components and with ICs as well.
  • SSB decoder for my existing AM radio receiver.
  • Audio Tape Player.
  • Audio Tape Recorder.
  • Audio Tone controller(Bass, Mid-range, Treble etc).
  • 5-Band Audio Graphic Equalizer.
  • Lot of audio amplifiers – With discrete components and with ICs as well.
  • Speaker cross-over network circuits.
  • Audio level indicator with LEDs and VU meter.
  • Digital Frequency counter(With discrete logic gates, no Microcontroller).
  • Digital Frequency generator(With discrete logic gates, no Microcontroller).
  • Digital clocks with 7-Segments displays.
  • Temperature display using LM35 and microcrontrolle.
  • Electromechanical volume control with discrete logic gates;ex:4013, 4017, stepper motor(No Microcontroller).
  • Morse code generator.
  • Lot of stuff with LEDs.
  • AC powered Blue colored LED lamp which consumes less than a watt. It is in active and always ON state since 2002 and still running even now in 2015.
  • MCS51 development board using Static RAM as EPROM – I had also written a companion IDE in Visual Basic and Visual C++. This IDE will compile the code and burn the code into the target hardware.
  • EPROM emulator using Static RAM.
  • EPROM eraser.
  • EPROM Reader and Burner.


NOTE: Once a project is started and added respective page to Projects menu, remove the project item from the above list.

Tools to procure/DIY

  • Flexible Table Lamp with Magnifier
  • Flexible long arms holder for mobile
  • Third Hand
  • Wood cutter, polisher tool
  • Metal cutter, polisher tool
  • SMD Soldering Station
  • Hot Air-Gun
  • Digital/Laser Protractor
  • Dust Respirator Mask
  • Rounded Saw File
  • Microscope
  • Laminating machine – [Bought]
  • Chisel – [Bought]
  • Safety Goggles – [Bought]
  • Glue Gun – [Bought]
  • Hex Key Set – [Bought]
  • Triangle Saw File – [Bought]
  • Right Angle tool with supporting edge – [Bought]
  • Vise – [Bought]
  • Bosch drilling machine – [Bought]
  • Vernier Caliper – [Bought]
  • Carving Knife(ex: X-Acto-knife) – [Bought]
  • ESD safe Tweezer – [Bought]
  • Logic Analyzer – [Started – DIY – See Projects page]
  • Mixed signal DSO – [Started – DIY – See Projects page]
  • PCB Power Drilling Machine – [Started – DIY – See Projects page]
  • Bosch Angle Grinder or Multi-cutter – [Plan dropped for now]

NOTE: Once an item is procured or started DIY move the item to bottom of the list.

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