Time lapse controller for my camera – Canon T2i


Has started with POC. Hardware part is almost done. Software part is going on. At the moment this project is kept on hold as I am not much into photography, so low priority.

@Jan 26, 2015 – 01:06

As I started using my camera and I am taking my daughter’s photos I thought better resume this project, at least for remote trigger. Actually now a days I am not getting much time to do my projects so may be I end up buying RC-6 instead of doing this project. But as RC-6 does not support much functionality apart from remote triggering so better to resume this project. Let me see what I will end up with.

@Feb 26, 2015 – 00:06

At last, after a long time, I got some free time to put hands on software part. It could successfully trigger my Canon camera. I have tried first only instant trigger. Yet to try 2-second delayed trigger.

I captured IR signals waveform using my DIY Logic Analyser.using TI Stellaris Launchpad.

Picture-01: Canon RC-6 Instant Trigger Full waveform:

Canon RC-6 Instant Trigger Full waveform

Picture-02: Canon RC-6 Instant Trigger Expanded View:

Canon RC-6 Instant Trigger Expanded View

Pending Tasks

  • 2-Seconds delay trigger
  • Nice enclosure
  • Time lapse trigger
  • PCB
  • For other brands – Nikon, Sony, …

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