Remote controlled LED ceiling lamp

@June 01, 2014 – 23:30

See here for pictures of prototype.

@June ??, 2014 – 00:00

Tested prototype. Got the results are as expected? Yes, almost. MOSFET are running very cool, no raise in their temperature. But unfortunately and surprisingly power regulator(7805 – without heat sink) is getting hot than expected. May be as uC is running all the time and with full speed. I can fit heat sink, but in any case should not be that much hot. Need to check current consumption and identity why its getting hot and have to make it running cool.

@July 05, 2014 – 22:24

I went to home town, and tried with prototype in live by fitting to ceiling. Results are as expected. Hmm! I am back from home town and missed to take pictures. Will take with final installation.

@Oct 19, 2014 – 23:33

Even though it worked flawlessly on GP board, as I require to do multiple pieces to keep them in multiple rooms, I felt, it is better to design PCB. So, started working on schematic and PCB and I am done with initial design of schematic and PCB design today.

GPBoard, Schematic and PCB






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