PCB Drilling Machine

PCB Drilling Machine

@Oct 27, 2014 – 23:24

As I planned to make PCBs myself for all my projects and even for POCs with drilling holes with my hand drilling machine will take lot of time. So decided to buy motorized PCB drilling machine. First problem is the price are not reasonable for a good quality once and more over and importantly with branded one its not easy to customize, say I cannot use it with my multipurpose CNC machine. And I cannot use my wood cutting and grinding discs as I cannot separate motor and use with hands to cut and grinding things. So, planning to build it myself. Went to hardware shops and searched a lot for proper drill chuck which will fit drill bits from 0.8mm but its not easy to get those drill chuck separately. After few days of searching I could get it. So, I bought 0.6mm – 6.5mm 3/8 – 24UNF drill chuck. This is perfect for my all bits.

The next step is to get a correct motor. Correct means: Correct shaft size to hold drill chuck and sufficient RPM. Initially when I searched on net for required RPM, the recommended one is more than 10,000RPM. But With that high speed I could not get a motor with required shaft diameter. All I could get is just 2.3mm shaft diameter with around 600gms torque which are very less. But I remember I could drill with my Bosch drilling machine which is running at around 2500RPM. May be with high speed RPM we can get perfect shaped drill hole, but fine  let us try. As I can get robot geared motors for very less price with around 1000RPM and 2000RPM, thought of giving a try, I can get 2000RPM from online but I have to wait for few days to get it delivered to home. Can’t wait those many days, so, went and bought 1000RPM with 6mm shaft that is the maximum I could get in shop.

The next challenge is coupling between motor and drill chuck. I went asked in almost all hardware shops but could not get the ready made couple. So, again went and asked some guys were they operate lathes. But no luck there as well. So, as any way this is POC, I searched in my junk box for any couple which suits for this purpose. Fortunately I got a coupler but plastic, fine for POC.

As everything is ready just gave a try and worked fine with good results. It takes longer time to drill a hole but impressive results, as I am drilling by manually holding motor this may be common.

Sample Drill Holes

Once I mount everything properly then I may get even better results, Let me see.

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