Laptop stand and work bench

Laptop and Work Stand
I have tried multiple options and also bought some ready made ones but not satisfied either with quality or with comfort. So why not DIY?

Let us start

These kind of projects should have a plan in hand before starting it. So designed the plan, see the below picture.

Laptop Stand-n-Workbench Plan

The result

Laptop Stand-n-Workbench Builtup


Laptop Stand-n-Workbench InAction

Laptop Stand-n-Workbench InAction




  • Height can be adjusted.
  • Wooden plank slant can be adjusted.
  • As the material used is Galvanized Iron(GI) pipes, they stay for a very long time.


See here for more pictures.

Pending Tasks

  • Smoothing wooden base edges.
  • Painting for the wooden base.
  • Painting for the pipes.
  • Rubber cushion for base pipes.
  • More convenient handle for height adjustment.
  • Angle/position lock for wooden base.

2 thoughts on “Laptop stand and work bench

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes, height as well as wooden plank’s slant. So, it will suit for different angles of sitting positions. As my laptop (most of laptops) has rubber feet in base, it will not skid due to friction between rubber and wooden plank.

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