Hot Wire Cutter

Hot Wire Cutter Overview

@Apr 14, 2016 – 00:06

Added the project page.

This was not planned earlier but situation made me to build this.

While constructing my CNC machine, I need to buy some linear shaft end supports. I need around 12nos. But each one costs around ₹200. Which means for all 12nos it will be ₹2400. Which is too high for a hobby POC project. So, I decided to cut the end supports using Polyoxymethylene by myself. I tried to cut using my hack-saw blade and also with saw blade on my motor. This works fine, but little bit hard to hold the motor steadily. So, alternative is to fix motor to a table and use like Table Saw. But that will become another big project. So did search on google and found we can use hot wire cutter to cut materials with less in thickness. So, I decided to make this Hot Wire Cutter.

I used Nichrome wire with 30SWG. Power supply is from 12V 2A, and LM350 regulator to control voltage/current/temperature. It worked pretty nicely. Only thing is 30SWG is very small in thickness, so while cutting, while moving down the wire, the top porting is getting cool pretty quickly and rejoining. Hence, I need to move up down a couple of times to make it melt again and cut easily. May be if I use high gauge wire like 12SWG/18SWG may be this problem may not come. I will try when I get new wire. 

Pictures are available here.

Sample videos:

Video 1


Video 2