Electric Vehicle for Fun


@Jan 15, 2017 – 01:24

Added the project page.

I wanted to buy a gift for my nephew. He is very fond of cars and he already has lot of varieties of cars. So, instead of buying another variety of car I thought I will build an electric vehicle for him. I was planning the same for my 2.5 years daughter as well. So, looked into net to get understanding of motors and gear wheel systems. As per calculations, it requires high power motors batteries and also well designed gear systems. As a POC, I thought of building with very basic stuff.

Bought very low torque motors, around 5Kg-cm. Connected directly to the DC power supply using 12v7AH sealed Lead-Acid battery. I used two independent simple switches to switch on motors independently. No speed controller yet.


This is still in progress and new version is on the way…

Photos and Videos

Want to see pictures and videos? They are here.

Pending Tasks

  • Speed controller
  • Handle to hold and control the navigation
  • On board recharge capability
  • Lot many…